“The work of Luis is so creative and exciting that we want to know much more after discovering one piece”
“Luis’ work is luxurious and exuberant like nature itself, which is its inspiration”
Didier Viltart , Dtr. Opera Gallery, Mónaco
“Only he who honours and loves what is his own can love and honour what is of the other”
Luis Uribetxebarria


Born in 1955, Luis Uribetxebarria begins his training as a goldsmith’s apprentice when he’s only 13…

Unique Pieces

The Basque artist’s profound knowledge of and respect for carving and gold working… …

The sculptor of nature

As with the ancient myths, the power and force of the wind, the waves and lightning are protective elements…

The conciliatory alchemist

A fusion of shapes, cultures and materials that seem to oppose each other, generating subtly powerful…