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The conciliatory alchemist

Luis is the 21st Century’s Baroque alchemist. Luis’s way of looking is shared by a small number of human beings who do not see frontiers wherever they look. His gaze is one that brings together, that unites: materials, edges, cultures, disciplines…

Luis embodies the mastery of the great goldsmiths who flourished in Constantinople after the fall of the Roman Empire. He is direct heir of the Byzantine Empire’s art of gold working, for its lace fretwork.
Luis’ technique, while inspired by Europe’s classic sources, stretches towards the Orient with whose shapes, textures and colours he feels profoundly identified.

At one and the same time, the Basque artist blends in a creative and innovative spirit whose longing for experiences incorporates materials as varied as woods from all the corners of the globe, stones, animal horns, feathers, manes…all these have taken the place in his work of traditional enamels in providing colour.

From the depths of his work there arises a profound reverence for his land, his roots, his people, and from there it is impelled, crossing the world and embracing `the other´ with passion.


“Only he who honours and loves what is his own can love and
honour what is of the other”
Luis Uribetxebarría