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autor_escultor_naturalezaThe sculptor of nature

All Luis’ work is a tribute to his father. A father whom he has projected onto nature. As with the ancient myths, the power and force of the wind, the waves and lightning are protective elements for Luis, symbol of masculinity, which he has adopted and made his favoured son. From that starting point one understands his trust, his admiration, his blind and passionate love for nature in its purest, wildest form.

At the same time as this master of carving and gold workwas honing his technique, his passion for the shapes and colours of nature became more urgent and he found a way of capturing their essence in jewellery, his means of expressing that whirlwind of feelings and passions. Every jewel in Luis’ expert hands is a tribute to a son’s love for his father.

While he is climbing mountains and catch and release fishingin Cares (Asturías), his soul relaxes and overflows in the river, snakes along its waters and crosses the woods to reach the peaks. On his return, in his tiny workshop in Las Arenas, he pours into the pieces his tribute to the eternal, the infinite, the sublime, his unique experiences… To allow us to join him, in contemplating his work, on that rite of passage.