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All his work, from the sketch of the design, in charcoal, watercolour or pastels, to the alchemy of gold and preparing each detail of the work of art, is done manually by this great artist of the 21st Century’s. It would be difficult to find someone today who maintains the artisan’s procedures, from beginning to end, as completely as Luis Uribetxebarría. Every piece is a unique work of art which comes with a certificate of authenticity, the sketch of the original design and a description of the materials used in making it.

Luis only works the gold he himself prepares, like all alchemists from time immemorial.
The Basque artist’s profound knowledge of and respect for carving and gold working emanates from the technical precision in the creative genius inspiring all his work.
Luis is a link in a chain which connects us with the great civilisations of humanity.
Egypt, the Roman Empire and Byzantium have succeeded in living on in our times because of the respect for the tradition and the techniques they developed and which Luis faithfully and patiently applies in his work every day.