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Luis UribetxebarriaLuis Uribetxebarria

Luis was born in Ondiz, a district of Leioa near Bilbao, on 12th February 1955. When he was thirteen, two years after his father died, he began his training as a goldsmith’s apprentice in the Rotaetxe Viziola workshop (Bilbao), fitting this around his schooling.

These are the years when Luis used to escape to the hillsides and the rivers, finding in nature everything he thought he had lost. “I was never afraid when I fell asleep in the middle of the wood, I always felt protected there”, said the artist. Later on, as well as working as a goldsmith he began taking drawing classes in the former School of Arts & Crafts in Atxuri. At the end of the Seventies he set up his studio workshop in Las Arenas, designing and making fine jewellery pieces for Biscay’s burgeoning upper middle classes.

Luis immerses himself in nature with intensity and passion: he enjoys extreme sports, catch and release fishing, the sea and boats.

His style, over and above artistic schools or movements, is deeply influenced by nature, with which he lives daily.