Technique, fretwork and carving

Technique, fretwork and carving

Art is cyclic as life is. The appearance of art pieces which gather creative resources point out of an epoch and the upcoming startup of a new movement, after a period of pure
forms which have become until the minimum expression. That is Luis’ work, a fusion of shapes, cultures and materials that seem to oppose each other, generating subtly powerful dialogues which trouble our soul made bourgeois that demands an imposed order to keep us supine with its placid lines.

“Luis’ work is luxurious and exuberant like nature itself, which is its inspiration”.
Didier Viltart, Dtr. Opera Gallery, Mónaco

The rounded and embracing angles of Luis’s work, his use of woods from the East and the West, the communion of cultures and textures speak to us about an artist of his time.


Byzantine Lace Fretwork

One of the unmistakeable identifiers of Luis Uribetxebarría’s work is the reverse side of his work…


Luis’s pieces tremble, tinkle, shake; they have their own lives every step of the way…

Carving of exotic woods

Luis is a rare example of a complete artist who mixed the art of the Goldsmith and the art of the wood carver…

Innovative materials

Manes, skins and feathers, the latter brought from the world of catch and release fishing which…