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tecnica_materiales2_gInnovative materials

His restless spirit makes him experiments with new materials steadily.

“When I take a new material in my hands I am excited because
I have an intuition about what might come out of there. Experimenting with a new material is an adventure which sometimes ends with a blow of the hammerand an oath, and other times in something which moves me”
Luis Uribetxebarria

Luis adds woods from all parts of the globe and noble materials from the animal kingdom, such as buffalo, mammoth and shark, to the diamonds, Australian and baroque pearls, and precious and semi-precious stone setting. Luis’ gold working brings together all the animal, vegetable and mineral elements just as they appear in the natural world.

Manes, skins and feathers, the latter brought from the world of catch and release fishing which he helped to popularise back in the day.