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COLORES is the collection with the most gold working.
In COLORES Luis recreates instants which have captivated him in the natural world and brings them to life again for the spectator,
entrancing them as only a great artist can. Leaving our spirit moved and silent.
In COLORES Luis brings together the animal, vegetable and mineral worlds, offering us a Baroque symphony
of textures and colours that is, however, mature and controlled.

“Every piece speaks to us of a creative universe and makes us long to see even more”
Didier Viltart, Dtr. Opera Gallery, Monaco. 2012
Bosque de tsavoritas bajo noche estrellada de zafiros

22 qts. Star sapphires and tsavorites…


Catarata Ripon

0,65 qts. Brilliants. 3qts. Tanzania…



Star sapphire & brilliants. Boxwood…


Pez Marrón

White & brown 0,86 qts. brilliants…