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“When you achieve peace you realise you don’t have to do anything. That it has all been done already
and you just have to celebrate life and contemplate it without losing your focus”
Luis Uribetxebarría

In COSMOLOGÍA Luis embarks on a dialogue of silence and emptiness to surrender himself to the magic he finds in the midst of nature.
His COSMOLOGÍA series is a hymn to the nakedness of the universe’s greatest work. “What more could I contribute by carving here?” he asks himself, when looking at the exquisite texture of an Australian pineapple or the perfect curves of a Basque yew tree. In COSMOLOGÍA Luis tribute and pearls, his beloved Baroque pearls, to what is already in itself the best work of art in the universe, to make of them immortal pieces.

Baroque filigrees scattering reflections over the extreme nakedness of the inert material, giving it immortality.
Austerity and excess. Movement and gaiety. Love in its ecstasy becomes a mirror… of eternity

Luna llena sobre el Ganeran

Raw brilliants. Keshi & bead pearls…


La Vid

Raw brilliants. Keshi & bead pearls…


El Cometa

White & brown 3,91 qts. brilliants…


Oruga sobre el rocío

Yellow gold. River pearls. Filigree…