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Luis Uribetxebarria explores sculpture as several other Basque sculptors have done over time, forging connections to and from function. The action of sculpting is presided by volume and meaning, giving shape relevance. This silent position enables material to transmit messages and connotations which act on our perception.

His sculpting action is performed with the endeavour to learn how natural processes are altered,
the presence of which surpasses the individual sphere and enters that of art.
For Luis, his hand is an ally of his brain and thanks to this, he manages to convert his ideas into sculpted objects.
José Mª Herrera, Ex-Vicedean of Fine Arts in The University of the Basque Country (UPV)




Japanese Cherry wood and mahogany…


Sin título

Silver. Base made of ebony…


La Galea

Boj and walnut wood…